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Subject: Football MassagesWell I spent most of the summer feet preteen girls before High School BEGGING my rents to let
me go out for football. I am a big guy, and three of my friends were going
out for it. My mom was afraid I would get hurt, my dad said it would help
build character. Whatever. Anyway, they finally decided to let me.So we started several weeks before school started in the hottest part of
August in the free preteen raped summer. They told us, just to show up with permission slips
signed. We didn't need uniforms yet, cause we weren't allowed to do real
practices, only conditioning. Well I wasn't sure what that meant. Now I
know. Conditioning is where they try to see if they can kill you with
exercises.The first day of practice was only running, then doing exercises, then
running. Back and forth for 2.5 hours. They made us drink tons of water so
we wouldn't get dehydrated. Then developed preteen models we got a break. A lunch break. I was sure
couldn't eat any lunch. All I wanted to do was lie down and rest. Rick's
mom brought us all sandwiches and drinks. I didn't think I wanted anything
to eat, free preteen myusenet but once I started eating, I swallowed the sandwich quickly. We were
so tired we didn't even talk to each other, just rested.Then one hour later, we started to exercise and run and exercise and run and
more and more. This wasn't fun, it was hard. One kid quit, just walked away
and went home without saying goodbye or anything. I felt like doing that
too, but I really wanted to play and knew that the fun stuff would pedo porno preteens happen in
a few weeks.After Rick's mom dropped me off at my house, I stumbled into my room. I
wanted to take a shower, I wanted preteen nymph gallery
to eat, but all I did was strip to my
boxers and lay on top of my covers. I feel asleep. My dad came in to wake
me up for dinner. Good thing it was my dad, cause my boxers were tented up
from my model girls preteen boner. I was laying exactly like I laid down, on my back. I must
have fallen asleep and didn't even move. I don't know why I had a boner, but
my dad didn't notice. Or maybe he noticed, but didn't say anything.
Whatever.I pulled on some shorts and a shirt cause my mom doesn't like when I'm `half
naked' as she calls walking around in boxers. At dinner my dad was asking me
all about practice and I told him how hard it was and everything. Anyway, I
could tell he was proud of me.After dinner, I took a shower, jacked off and went to sleep at 8:30 pm.The next day I didn't want to get up in the morning. I was sore. I was
tired. I knew we would do more conditioning and I wasn't happy about it. developed preteen models But
after my mom was yelling for 10 minutes I got moving. I took another shower
to wake up and relax my sore muscles. It was my mom's turn to drive, so we
picked up the other guys, Rick and Andy and went to practice. preteen model bianca Well they
really shouldn't call it practice, they should call it torture, cause that's
what it preteen necked models was.Somehow, we made it for the entire day. When we got home, I was to tired to
shower, but I really, really needed one. I just stripped and laid down on my
bed and I fell asleep. My dad woke me up again only this time I was on my
stomach, so he didn't see my wood. He could see I was dead. He said after
dinner and after I showered he would give me a massage. Cool.So when I came out of the shower, he had laid down a couple of towels on top
of my bed and told me to lay down on my stomach. I did leaving my towel
wrapped around me and still a little wet from the shower. When he asked me
where I hurt I told him EVERYWHERE which was so true. He started on my feet
and moved up. I loosened my towel so he could get all the up to the tops of
my legs. Then he did my back and arms. This was heaven. Then he smacked
me on my butt and said turn over.When I did, my towel came off and my 3 inch hanging dick was out. I didn't
freak out or anything, cause he had seen it before. I just pulled my towel
over me. I'm not even sure he saw it. Then he did my legs again, on the
top this time. And my arms again. It was great.After he was done, he said "Going to bed now?""Yes," I said even though it wasn't even 9 o'clock. I was tired. He pulled
down my covers as I climbed naked into bed. I don't usually sleep naked,
but I didn't feel like getting dressed and besides he didn't seem to care.After he left I was surprised that preteen nude asains I wanted to jackoff. I mean I thought I
was too tired to do it, but my dick was interested, so I pulled down my
covers, grabbed my 5.5 inch boner and went for it.And the door opened. Light spilled into my not too dark room and I heard my
dad say "Oops, little preteen dancing sorry." He quickly shut the door. Shit. I was embarrassed
for him to catch me jacking, but I continued anyway cause I was almost
there. Plus he had already given me the `it's normal talk,' so he knew I did
it.In the morning, my mom woke me and I almost pulled down my covers to get up,
but remembered that I was naked. I ate breakfast and went to practice. I
was even more sore today than the other days. I could barely move. I took a
nap without even taking off my clothes cause I was so tired I could not
move. My muscles were very mad at me. After dinner, my dad told my mom to
run me a hot bath so I could soak.He came in when I was soaking and asked my how I was. I took a quick look in
the water to make sure I didn't have a boner or anything. I didn't."Dead. I'm will probably die tonight. Will you miss me?" He preteen photo modelling laughs, knowing
I'm kidding."Ready for a massage?" Yeah!"Yeah." He hands me a towel as I get out and dry off. He has towels on my
bed so I just flop down on it. Ahhhhhhhh. It's even better today. Or maybe
it's better cause it's happening now. Whatever. When he smacks my ass I turn
over for the front. As he does my legs for some reason I start to bone up. I
Put my hand under the towel on top of my dick, to hide it I guess. But my
dick thinks I'm going to jack when it feels my hand on it, so my dick starts
to get super horney.I give it a little squeeze to make it happy, but that only makes it worse. I
am feeling real good with my dad massaging my legs and my hand on my dick
under the towel. I don't know what happens to my brain, but my hand comes
under alien control and starts to squeeze my horney hard dick. I look to see
what my dad is looking at, but maybe he doesn't see cause he's just looking
at my legs.My possessed hand starts to jack my dick. Now my dad sees it and stops
massaging me. He gets up to leave and I pull off my towel with my other hand
and start to jack like a mad man. I can't believe what I'm doing. I can't
explain it. As I hear asians nudes preteens the door closing I shoot two gallons of sperm all over
my stomach.The aliens leave. I feel embarrassed and ashamed of what I just did. I just
jacked in front of my dad. How weird is that? I mean, at least he left
before I came. Grossed out by my own actions, I clean up, get under the
covers and go to sleep.Saturday morning, my dad wakes me up to get ready for practice. Without
being fully awake I ask for a quick massage. He pulls down my covers,
exposing my naked butt. He picks up a towel from the floor and places it
over my ass. I now remember what a horney boy I was preteen model goth
last night and feel
embarrassed about what I did. But that feeling is quickly replaced by
happiness when he starts to massage my legs.When he finishes my back, he does not smack me on the butt for me to turn
over. He gets up to leave."Aren't you going to do the front of my legs?" I ask."No, you have to get ready for practice." Ok, I know its really because I
grossed him out last night when I started to play with my dick in front of
him. I feel like shit."Dad, I'm sorry about what happened last night. I don't know why I did it."
Yes, I start to get tears in my eyes.He comes back and sits on my bed. He pats my chest. "Don't worry about it.
It's okay. You are a healthy growing boy. Please don't give it another
thought. It was not a big deal. Ok?""Ok." Good. He's not freaked out. As he leaves I hop out of bed, get
dressed teenybopper preteen porn and head down to breakfast and another hard intense day of torture
from the coaches. Practice is horrible, but somehow we are preteen svens bbs
all getting used
to it. It still kills us, but we are ready to be killed, we know what to
expect, so it's not so bad.I shower as soon as I get home and then take a nap. After dinner, my dad
asks if I am still sore, do I still need a massage. He tells me to take a
long hot bath to loosen up and then he will massage me. Well I just took a
shower an hour ago, but a long hot bath sounded good.After the bath I went to my room. My dad wasn't there, so I just flopped
down on my bed. When he came in my room, he turned off the light. Then he
turned off my light by my bed."Why you turning out the lights?" I ask." you don't get embarrassed." Oh yeah. Good idea. As he
massages my feet, I start to get a boner. I'm not sure why, but then, I
never really know why. It kind of makes its own decisions about when to get
hard. By the time he is on my back, my boner is poking down into the
mattress big time. When it's turn over time, I just turn over, my boner
riding high off my stomach, pushing the towel into the air. But it's dark!
He can't see.I start to tickle my dick as he works on my legs. As he moves closer to my
balls, I don't know if I can stand it. I start to squeeze it. He
repositions himself to do my neck and shoulders. I can't wait any longer.
My hands start to fly up and down my boner. preteen sex photo Even though it's dark, I know I
can still see a little, so I figure he can to. Also, I am making a lot of
noise jacking. He continues to rub my neck and shoulders, either not
knowing, or not caring what I'm doing.As I speed up, nearing the point of sperming, he bears down on my shoulders,
massaging me harder and harder. Oh god, I don't know what I'm doing, but my
body is in a complete state of excitement. It's like my entire body is a
giant dick, with every part of it tingling. Normally when I jack, all the
pleasure comes from my dick, but this time, my entire body was contributing
to the experience.When I spermed, it wasn't just my dick that exploded, my entire body was a
rocket that had blasted off to the moon. I was on fire. I was alive. I
shoot sperm all over the place. My stomach, my chest, my face. Oh, my dad
is still here. I forgot about him. I think some of my sperm landed on his
hands on my shoulder. He was rubbing my neck, how could I developed preteen models forget he was
there?After a bunch of waves of pleasure, I start to slow down my jacking and my
dad eases up. Uh, did I just jack off in front of my dad? Why did I do
that? Well, preteen girl mpeg
I don't really care, it was the best jack off since my first one
last year."Wow." I say. I meant thanks."Goodnight," he says as he leaves me happy and relaxed.I love football. I love massages. I love my dad.
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